Our vision is of a humane democratic world in which civic life is run by effective and informed citizens. Our mission is to redefine the practice of politics by creating transformative educational experiences that teach, empower and connect such citizens across borders.


1) Guest Speaker or Political Roundtable
Engage Reimagining Politics founder Michael Meurer (read full bio) as a guest speaker or participant in a political roundtable to discuss new civic models and political change.

2) Multi-day Seminar
Sign up for a seminar led my Michael ranging from one week to a full semester. Michael’s seminars operate as living civic laboratories, mixing intense formal classroom work with real world civic actions in your community.

3) Civic Innovation Tours
Launching in 2018, these new Civic Innovation Tours are available only from Reimagining Politics. They offer transformative life experiences working with leading civic innovators around the world whose projects are changing the way politics is done. Example initiatives are illustrated below.

To inquire about scheduling a class or event, or to learn more about our upcoming Civic Tours, use our Contact form below.


Universities and other organizations that partner with us get ongoing publicity and exposure to our donor base from our multi-faceted media outreach program. This includes PR Newswire press releases and a full array of social media promotion and publicity.

We have been featured on CNN, in Speakout, AlternetTruthout, the Montevideo Portal in Uruguay, ATAQD in Argentina, Empathy Educates, the Santa Monica Mirror and Pressenza in England, Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

We maintain a jobs board tied to our international network of associates to provide Reimagining Politics alumni with assistance finding jobs and internships. Start your job search here.

Use our Contact Form to schedule a class, request detailed information about curriculum and costs or to talk with us about the specific goals of your organization. Simply enter the word ‘Tours’ in your message to receive detailed information  about our upcoming Civic Tours.


Reimagining Politics was founded by political writer and strategist Michael Meurer. The curriculum for the project is based on Michael’s extensive experience as a senior strategist and organiser, including co-founding the one million member Courage Campaign in California.  Michael’s seminars and Civic Innovation Tours incorporate the most innovative civic ideas from his direct field research in Europe and the Americas during a global tour of 12 nations and 18 cities during the past year. – Read full bio

Milena Palacio manages our communications with social initiatives across Latin America and Europe. Milena is a language professor and the founder of the “Stairway to English” project in Comuna 13 in Medellín, Colombia. She speaks English, Spanish and German fluently and is currently working as a volunteer with refugees in Germany.

Katiana Lamodela is managing our communication with universities, NGO’s, government agencies and social organizations that have interest in our seminars and classes. She is from Haiti and has her university degree in communications. Katiana currently lives in Valparaíso, Chile. She speaks English, Spanish, French and Creole fluently.

Chris Lawson is our “gig engineer” and manages strategy for our social media across all platforms and touchpoints. Chris is founder of Astute Social Media. He is currently shuttling between Los Angeles and Mexico City to help as we launch a phased rollout of new communications and publicity tools over the next 18 months.

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Donors to Reimagining Politics receive exclusive updates and one of a kind photo essays along with a preview copy of Michael’s new travel book that explores the unique cultures of 18 cities in 12 countries around the world.

Reimagining Politics is absolutely unique. Our seminars and tours are living civics laboratories that are educating, mentoring and connecting the most innovative civic leaders worldwide. Collectively, they are redefining civic life to bring real change to the world. Join our community! Your support makes all the difference!


Thank you for joining the Reimagining Politics community of civic innovators worldwide.