Reimagining Politics was founded by political writer and strategist Michael Meurer. The curriculum for the project is based on Michael’s extensive experience as a senior strategist and organiser, including co-founding the Courage Campaign.  Michael’s seminars and Civic Tours also incorporate the most innovative civic ideas encountered during his research tour of 12 nations in Europe and Latin America in 2016-’17. – Read full bio

Milena Palacio manages our communications with social initiatives across Latin America and Europe. Milena is a language professor and the founder of the “Stairway to English” project in Comuna 13 in Medellín, Colombia. She speaks English, Spanish and German fluently and is currently working as a volunteer with refugees in Germany.

Katiana Lamodela is managing our communication with universities, NGO’s, government agencies and social organizations that have interest in our seminars and classes. She is from Haiti and has her university degree in communications. Katiana currently lives in Valparaíso, Chile. She speaks English, Spanish, French and Creole fluently.

Chris Lawson is our “gig engineer” and manages strategy for our social media across all platforms and touchpoints. Chris is founder of Astute Social Media. He is currently shuttling between Los Angeles and Mexico City to help as we launch a phased rollout of new communications and publicity tools over the next 18 months.